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At Moran & Goldstein, L.C. we represent people. Real people. People who need help. People suffering from personal injuries. People who need assistance in matters of criminal law. Our law firm is a practice grounded in trust, a trust that we have nurtured with our clients, with the courts, and with our colleagues which has served us well in the community.

State & Federal Criminal Law

For more than 20 years, we have effectively handled virtually all types of State and Federal Criminal cases. We have successfully defended individuals charged with a wide range of criminal acts.

We've Represent Clients Facing Such Charges As:

• Sodomy

• Rape
• Robbery
• Arson
• Assault

• Burglary

• Stealing

• Murder

• Manslaughter

• Drug Trafficking
• Drug Possession
• Drug Distribution

• Unlawful Use of a Weapon
• Carrying Concealed Weapon
• Armed Criminal Action

• Trespassing
• Fraud

• ...and many more!

We represent individuals charged with traffic offenses in State and Municipal Courts and helps clients get their licenses reinstated and avoid imposition of points.

Traffic Law

Cases We Have Represented Include But Not Limited To:

• Failure to Maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility (Insurance)
• Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
• Violating Electric Signal &/or Stop Sign
• Careless & Imprudent Driving

• Driving While Intoxicated

• Speeding

• Improper Lane Change

• Failure to Signal

• Weaving

• Administrative Revocations

Personal Injury & Worker's Compensation

Unlike criminal law, civil law is aimed at compensating individuals and corporations for damages. We have enjoyed a great deal of success prosecuting civil cases in a variety of areas, including automobile accidents, slip and fall, premises liability, assault and battery, false imprisonment, negligent hiring and supervision, and breach of contract.

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